Lang Ca Ong

Monday, May 6th, 2013 - 1:30 AM

Lang Ca Ong is on Hoang Hoa Tham Street, on the large and airy campus in the populations of Thang Tam Temple and Temple Ba Ngu Hanh. In the nineteenth century, there is huge whale’s head which washed up on Back Beach. The big fish that cannot pull up on the beach so the local fishermen have to collect timber, bamboo fence for meat washed off and then remove each joint clean it and bring it back to worship in a sketchy temple at Front Beach.

At the same time at Can Gio, there is a fish’s body and tail at Long Hai has washed ashore. So in the world of fishermen, people say that the correlation is the Dragon King ordered to protect and help the boat back and forth in the sea. These Shoguns do not complete the task and they make the ship sank in the storm, the Dragon king angry guillotine and ordered to cut them into three segments.

For fishermen throughout the Southern Ocean, Ong fish is considered sacred specie and often rescue boats encountered wave’s winds. So every time, when any Ong fish is washed up on shore, the first man see it and he will be the first son who has a duty to burry carefully. About 40 years later, there is a definite big fish, Ong fish to the Beach, villagers believe and pull it to the ground to bring it to burry carefully. Until 1911, local fishermen together contribute money to build a village in the region today, and then dig this whale bone and moved the previous whale bones in the shrines. From that pagoda was repeatedly repaired and repair in April 1969 is the current shape. Between the altar tomb is elaborately carved dragon, unicorn,take the first delivery, the United Rong wave joking. Behind the altar are three glass large herringbone containers. In the left of cabinet, there is a small whale bone removal in the future. Mr. King (right now) is on August 16th every year. On this day, fishermen at Vung Tau gather to worship ceremony very solemn and spiritual home.

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