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Thank you, it’s a good question and we’re glad you asked it.  A visa may allow one entry before its expiration, or it may permit you to enter at various times.

- A single-entry visa may only be used for one entry for the specific purpose for which it was granted. Putting it simply, a single entry visa permits you to enter Vietnam just once during your visa validity. In other words, as long as you leave Vietnam, your visa will be invalid. If you have the need of entering Vietnam for more than 1 time, you will have to apply for a multiple entry visa.

How can I pay service fee and stamping fee? Monday, October 22nd, 2012 - 4:54 AM

- For the service fee, let us have your payment by the following options:

1/ Using Credit card or Debit card to pay through our payment gate like or OnePay or PayPal.

2/ Sending money via Western Union.

3/ Sending money via Bank Transfer. Please let us know if you are in Vietnam so we will send you details to pay in VND due to you are not allow to pay in USD if you are in Vietnam.

Yes, you can enter Vietnam later than the granted arrival date in visa approval letter on the condition that you exit by granted exit date. More specifically, you can stay in Vietnam at any time between the entry date and the exit date.

We would also like to let you know, if you want to stay in Vietnam longer than the duration between your arrival date and exit date for some reason (In other word, if you want to leave our country later than the exit date printed on your approval letter), you can extend your visa so that you can stay in Vietnam longer without getting any troubles. To know how to extend your visa, please contact us via our email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we will give you detailed instructions.

Please be informed that a visa will be valid from the entry date to the exit date as printed on the visa approval letter. You can stay in Vietnam at any time between the entry date and the exit date. In other words, you can’t enter Vietnam before the entry date and you have to leave by the exit date.

Thanks for contacting us. You can check your Vietnam visa approval letter processing status by the two following ways:

1. Log in to your account to check your visa status online

2. Check your visa status by sending to us the Order ID or passport number then our agent will check then reply you via email

If you want to get your visa stamped upon arrival, you will need to show:

- Your passport

- Printed visa approval letter

- The entry and exit form (filled in and sign in advance)

- Two passport-sized photos

- Stamping fee: 45 USD (single entry) or 65 USD {multiple entries visa( Less than 1 month)} or 95 USD for Multiple entries visa ( full 1 month to less than 6 months)