How To Get Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Friday, January 23rd, 2015 - 3:51 AM

You first must obtain visa approval letter (issued by Vietnam Immigration) then able to get boarding airplane then pick up your visa on arrival. Please click here to know how the visa approval letter look like.

You can employ a travel company in Vietnam or apply online with us to get visa approval letter at lowest price, from $8/pp and we will send visa approval letter to your email with 1-2 working days. Rush service is available 24/7 with extra fee.

Apply online with us to get visa approval letter.

First, click here to choose visa type, entry and exit date, purpose of your visit to Vietnam, arrival airport...

Second, click next to providing your email address. Please providing correct email address because we will send visa approval letter to your email.

Third, click next to filling passport information of visa applicant(s). Select country of your passport then provide full name, date of birth, passport number & passport expiry date as in your passport.

Finally, click next for going to payment options to pay. We accept PayPal & cards. 

With 1-2 working day(s), we will send visa approval letter. We also attached visa entry and exit form for you to fill in advance and attached photo on it to save your time on arrival.

On arrival, you will send "landing visa" or "visa on arrival" office, go there to submit your visa approval letter + passport + entry and exit form. Wait to be called to pay stamp fee and get your visa.

Please remember to check your visa carefully and ask to amend immediately if any mistake or error. Please note that you have no chance to ask for amend after exit the passport control counter.

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