Who Needs Visa To Vietnam?

Friday, January 23rd, 2015 - 3:27 AM

Are you planning to travel to Vietnam of late? Well, it could be that you have your Vietnamese friend’s wedding there or it is simply a business deal with a leading Vietnam based corporation. Now, whatever it is, the foreigners traveling to Vietnam are usually needed to have their visa to Vietnam handy as they foray into the Vietnam border.

Vietnam visa

Vietnam visa is a necessary governmental certification needed for the foreigners to land up in Vietnam- irrespective of their means of transport. The visa certificate must be approved by the Vietnam Immigration Department as a legal proof for your stay in the beautiful oriental country. The visa is generally stamped on the traveler’s passport and your passport should be valid for minimum 6 months. The Vietnam approval is guaranteed for a limited set of time.

How to obtain Vietnam visa

· The conventional way

You can obtain visa to Vietnam from the Vietnam Embassy offices. You will find Vietnam Embassy outlets in every major city in your country. Search online for the Vietnam Embassy address and contact details in your country from where you can apply and have the visa approved. The conventional process of Vietnam visa approval is viable whether you travel by air or by any other means of transport

· The modern online way- Vietnam visa on arrival

The conventional route to avail Vietnam visa is a pretty time consuming procedure and hence a great deal of visa agencies today offer online visa services. Here you are not needed to hit the Embassy outlets physically and the entire process would be carried out over the internet- enabling you to process visa application, payment and approval right from your home. This facility is called Visa on Arrival Vietnam where you will have the visa certificate stamped as you land up at any of the Vietnam international airports.

Vietnam visa on arrival

It must be noted here that the online Vietnam visa on Arrival service is strictly meant for the travelers traveling to the country by air. Whether you are a casual tourist or traveling Vietnam for a business purpose, the online visa to Vietnam service is viable for both. As you apply for the visa and send your payment online, the online visa company will send the visa approval letter on your email within 24-48 hours of application. You would have to take a print out of that letter and carry it along with you as you fly to Vietnam. You will find the visa outlets at Da Nang, Noi Bai and Tan Son Nhat airports from where you can have your visa stamped.

Vietnam Visa exemption policy for travelers who want to check if you need visa for Vietnam

It’s to note here that the Vietnam government allows citizens of some countries to enter the nation and stay there legally (for a certain time period) sans any need of visa to Vietnam.

· Philippines nationals -for 21 days maximum.

· Laos, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Cambodia citizens - for 30 days of stay maximum.

· Russia, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, South Korea and Japan citizens - for a maximum of 15 days stay.

· Brunei nationals - for 14 days maximum

(Please note that, according to new Vietnam Immigration law affected from 01 Han 2015, Citizens of countries which is in the list of unilateral visa exemption want to enter into Vietnam in the next time have to wait at least 30 days from the last day exited Vietnam).

· APEC ABTC holders - 60 days maximum

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