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Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 - 4:51 AM

Once you stay in Vietnam with a valid visa for a certain period of time, you might find some more things to do or places to visit. In such situations what are you required to do? Well, extension visa Vietnam is the best option available to prolong your visit to the country. Of course it could be time taking to travel to immigration office in order to apply for extension of your visit. However, you can save the trouble and your time by relying on extension services offered by a reliable service agency. You can just follow simple steps provided by the agency/agent to get this done in a hassle freeway.

Firstly, you will be required to send a soft copy or a scanned form of the passport along with your present visa. This will be sent by the agency to the Immigration office for a review and to examine the papers provided by you. The fee charged for extending your visa indeed depends on the type of your current visa as well as the country you are from. After review, the agency will give details about the fee structure and whether yours can be extended or not as every case is different.

Once you are eligible for the extension visa Vietnam, you can send important documents like your passport and your current residence papers (temporary/permanent) along with others as informed by the agency. After which, you can just wait for a few days to receive your passport with the new seal and the extended duration. So you no longer have to worry about leaving your project uncompleted in the country or miss some exciting places to visit.

Extension visa Vietnam is the best way to stay in the country beyond your original duration period. It’s affordable and the process is quick and hassle free when you engage the services of a reliable agency.

Some important notes to remember:

- It’s best to apply for extension of your current visa at most prior to 1-2 weeks of its expiry. This is because a 1 month extension will take almost 1 week and a 3 month extension could take anywhere between 8-10 days.

- Make sure your passport consists of at least 1-2 empty pages to get the new seal

- When you apply for the visa extension remember that the maximum duration possible is 3 months

- Your type of visa extension will be similar to your current visa type. So if its 1 month single entry visa then you can expect a similar type of extension i.e, not a multiple entry. In other words your present visa type must equate with your extension requirement.

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For support about your Vietnam visa extensio, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +84-962-655-556

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