How to Renew Visa Vietnam

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 - 4:39 AM

If you presently have a Vietnam visa and wish to renew it, then here's some information on how to renew visa Vietnam.

When you want to stay for some more time in the country without having trouble from the official authorities, then visa renewal or extension is something you can consider. Since there are limitations set by the government for visiting tourists with maximum stay duration of three months it is important to opt for extension/renewal. If you would like to save the trouble of running around immigration office to get the renewal done, then its better to rely on a professional visa agency who can help you with the process in quick time. Although, you need to make sure the visa doesn't get expired at least 1-2 weeks while applying for the renewal. You can renew visa Vietnam by just following few simple steps.

When you opt for renewal application, it’s important to ensure you have all the relevant documents required to initiate the process. By opting for a visa or tourist agency who is experts in getting the renewal done, here are few documents they will require to look into your renewal process. You need to send them a scanned copy of your current visa as well as passport along with other information like your current staying address (whether it’s a hotel or a home). Also you need to mention about your nationality and other details. This way, they can send these details to the immigration authorities to get it reviewed. Once it’s approved, you will be required to submit your original passport to get it stamped with the new stay duration. You can renew visa Vietnam for a maximum of three months. You need to make sure the passport has at least one to two blank pages to get the new renewal stamp. This is one of the reasons why renewal is a bit expensive when compared to the extension process.

This is a simple way to get your visa renewal done, while you continue with your business work or enjoy your holiday trip. You no longer have to go through the nightmare process of getting it done by frequently visiting an immigration office and standing in long queues. You can count on an experienced and professional visa agency as they have the knowledge and follow the right procedures along with paper work to get it done in quick time. Although, it may cost you a little more, it saves you the trouble of running around authorities. So in essence you will be saving lots of time and paperwork to get it done. You can opt for renewal either for single or multiple entry and from one to three months.

Resource Box: Renew visa Vietnam by relying on a professional visa agency and save the trouble of visiting an immigration office.

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