Simple Steps to Apply For a visa to Vietnam urgently on Arrival

Monday, January 5th, 2015 - 8:00 AM

If you need a visa to Vietnam urgently, you can apply for rush services or a visa on arrival. It is a very common way of traveling to Vietnam as it is a country where tourism is promoted. A Vietnam visa on approval allows passengers or travelers to enter Vietnam with just an approval letter from Vietnam. Irrespective of single or multiple entries anybody can stay in Vietnam for a period of utmost six months.

The Vietnam immigration department issues approval letters for a visa and charges a very little fee for the same. An urgent rush service shall need a day’s time for the processing for an approval letter of the visa while a normal application is processed in two to three days. All you need for being eligible to apply for a Vietnam visa is a valid passport within 6 months since the arrival date to Vietnam and two passport sized photographs. Apart from that a small fee has to be paid. Here are some simple steps following which you can apply for the visa:

  • Form filling: you must download and fill a secured application form. If you are applying for visa on arrival make sure you include your personal details correctly.
  • Payment and confirmation: after your filling of the visa application form is complete and you have made the payment you will get an email that will confirm that your request has been received. You must always check the attachment where all the details of your personal information are to check for any mistakes. Make sure that everything has been filled correctly and only then you should send it to the Vietnam Immigration department for promptly processing your visa.
  • Approval letter: there are certain documents that you need to carry with yourself to the airport when you apply for a visa on arrival. If you have applied for a visa on arrival the Vietnam immigration department will send you an email where your visa approval letter is attached. This approval letter is a very important document and evidence for you to get your visa at the Vietnam airport. Along with the letter there is an entry and exit form and guidance. You must check all the folders of your mailbox for these documents. Print these documents and carry them with you.
  • The final step: all that is left to be done is to get your passport stamped with the Vietnam visa. You must get your copy of approval letter of the visa to Vietnam urgently which has to be showed first at the airport from where you depart and then it gets stamped at the Vietnam airport the entry and exit forms that you had printed also have to be filled at the Vietnam international airport. Two photographs of size 2-inch by 2-inch must be attached with the form.

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