How to Get Urgent Visa Vietnam for medical issue ?

Monday, January 5th, 2015 - 7:42 AM

Are you in need of urgent visa to Vietnam? Well, it could be that you are called up by your Vietnamese office branch on some emergency issues and you have to reach to Vietnam as fast as possible. This leaves you no time to head to the Embassy outlets to acquire the Vietnam visa approval. So, what to do now? No need to worry here as you have a good lot of online Vietnam visa service portals these days that are ready to support travelers like you with an urgent visa Vietnam service. The post below details a brief on the entire proceeding.

Find your Vietnam visa service provider

You have to locate a credible online Vietnam visa service provider who is ready to offer the urgent visa service.  Make sure that the visa service offered from the company is accredited by Vietnam Immigration Department as otherwise your permit won’t be considered valid.

Go to urgent visa section

The next task is to go to the urgent visa section to get the urgent visa Vietnam application form.

Application form fill up

·         Flight & personal details

It’s going to be an easy and simple form that won’t take more than a few minutes. Just stay ready with your passport and ticket. First, the form would ask you to state your phone number and country code. Then, you would have to submit your flight details such as the flight number. The next section of the application form deals with personal details of the applicant. You would have to type your full name, date of birth, present nationality and passport number. All the personal details that you provide should be similar to that of offered in the passport. In case you are a Vietnamese by birth but carries US citizenship which is mentioned in your passport, you should mention US as your nationality.

·         Details on co-travelers

If you are traveling with other persons, the application form would ask for details on your co-passengers to Vietnam.

·         Reason for urgent visa

Then, the application form would also require you to submit a short message covering the reason behind your urgent visa for Vietnam.

·         Contact details

Now, it’s time to provide your contact details on the form. The form will ask for your email id. Enter the id you use the most as this is where you would be having the further contact with the visa company and they will send the visa approval letter on this email only. You would also be asked to offer an alternative email id on the application.

Finally, submit the form and online payment and wait for contact from the visa company.

To request for urgently visa Vietnam, please click the link below for filling online form you can also email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or call : + 849 62 655 556 Mr Jacky for support

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