Vietnam Visa Service for Corporate Members

Sunday, November 4th, 2012 - 1:02 PM

Whether your company is already well established in Vietnam or just getting started, you need to spend your travel budget wisely. That means negotiating the best possible prices on airline tickets, rental cars and hotel accommodations, but it also means ensuring that there are no last minute snags when your executives and sales staff travel for business. Those last minute problems – from delayed flights to problems with customs officials – can really eat into your bottom line and reduce the profitability of doing business in Vietnam.

That is why it is so important for business owners to make sure everyone who travels on their behalf has all of the travel documents he or she needs. For those unaccustomed to the entry requirements to Vietnam, the process can seem a bit cumbersome. In addition to a valid passport with an expiration date at least six months in the future, those visiting Vietnam for business or pleasure must possess either a Vietnam visa, a visa exception document issued by a Vietnamese consulate or embassy or a written approval letter for a visa. Travelers who do not have the documentation they need face long delays, and could even be barred entry into the country.

Fortunately, it is easy for business owners to set up the documentation they need for their executives and rank and file workers before they even leave home. We are proud to serve the corporate community, and we are able to arrange an approval letter for a visa on behalf of every worker you need to send to Vietnam. Once everything is in place, each person simply arrives at the airport and picks up the documentation they need right there. Once that documentation is in place, your employees simply clear customs and head out to conduct their business.

We understand that businesses often have a need to send multiple employees to Vietnam – to attend meetings, set up product demonstrations or tour warehouse facilities. All of that travel can get expensive, but obtaining the proper travel documentation does not have to be a strain on your bottom line. That is why we have implemented a corporate member benefit, which provides a substantial discount to members.

When you become a corporate member, you are entitled to a 26 percent discount off of our regular prices for visa services. That savings can be quite substantial, especially for companies who need to send a large number of workers to Vietnam, or those whose executives make frequent trips to and from the country.

There is no doubt that Vietnam is a favorite destination for businesses from North America and around the world. Many companies are looking at Vietnam as a source of inexpensive manufacturing, and the infrastructure of the country makes it quite conducive to a number of industries. Making corporate travel to Vietnam more affordable and more efficient is just one more way we can help companies get the most out of their relationship with the Asian nation.

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